We can help you invest in Japanese real estate

Interest in Japanese real estate is picking up around the world.  The market here is very appealing.  It might seem overwhelming with the sites being in Japanese language and the agencies unable to speak English, but we can help you invest in Japanese real estate.

Let us know what kind of investment property you are interested in and perhaps a location in Japan, and we can help you.  Once we know your budget and what you are looking for, we should be able to match you up with a property that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Whether you are looking to buy a house, duplex, single unit apartment / flat / "mansion", shop, or office to rent out...A parking lot, automatic parking garage, land, commercial property, factory, building....Apartment house, skyscraper, hotel, love hotel, ski lodge, hot spring spa resort, beachfront property...We are here to help.

Our office is located in the greater Fukuoka area of Japan, but we can help you with any property.  If you haven't considered Fukuoka or Kitakyushu as investment areas, we encourage you to do so.  The iron is hot here and now is the time to strike.