Foreign investors choosing Japanese real estate in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu

With Tokyo and Osaka becoming dried up markets, foreign investors are choosing to invest in Japanese real estate in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu.  Of particular interest are condominiums in the 2 million to 5 million range.  This is largely due to their high returns on investment.  Getting ROI of 10% and higher is very doable in these areas. Older homes are also very appealing as they can be fixed up and rented out also at high returns.

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Tenanted Japanese investment properties

Tenanted Japanese investment properties

There are numerous tenanted investment properties for sale in Japan at the moment.  These tenanted condominiums, stores, and buildings are known as "owner change" properties in Japan.  If you are looking for high returns and want to start earning right after your purchase, these are definitely worth checking into!

Right now we can offer over 500 such properties in Fukuoka Prefecture.  Prices range from a meager 1,300,000 JPY to 90,000,000 JPY.  At current exchange rates, this is about 13,000 USD to 900,000 USD.  There is also a big selection in terms of the apartment or condominium size, layout, age, location, etc.

ROI (Return On Investment) varies but there are many properties which generate more than 10%, 15%, even 20%.

Why the hesitation? Investing in Japanese real estate is simple!

Why the hesitation?  Investing in Japanese real estate is simple!

Tough to believe, but...

You don't need to be Japanese or even have a visa to live in Japan to be able to buy Japanese real estate and rent out your Japanese properties to tenants.  Also, investment properties in Japan often have very attractive ROI (return on investment) rates. We are happy to help you find properties with 10% ROI and higher.

Property management concerns?  Again, we're here to help.

We currently have over well over 1300 properties listed on our Japanese real estate site, and we can be your agent for any other of the tens of thousands of properties available.

Let us know what you are looking for and hoping to achieve...

We can help you invest in Japanese real estate

Interest in Japanese real estate is picking up around the world.  The market here is very appealing.  It might seem overwhelming with the sites being in Japanese language and the agencies unable to speak English, but we can help you invest in Japanese real estate.

Let us know what kind of investment property you are interested in and perhaps a location in Japan, and we can help you.  Once we know your budget and what you are looking for, we should be able to match you up with a property that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Whether you are looking to buy a house, duplex, single unit apartment / flat / "mansion", shop, or office to rent out...A parking lot, automatic parking garage, land, commercial property, factory, building....Apartment house, skyscraper, hotel, love hotel, ski lodge, hot spring spa resort, beachfront property...We are here to help.

Our office is located in the greater Fukuoka area of Japan, but we can help you with any property.  If you haven't considered Fukuoka or Kitakyushu as investment areas, we encourage you to do so.  The iron is hot here and now is the time to strike.  

Real estate markets will boom if Tokyo wins bid for 2020 Olympics

More good news !  Especially since Japan DID win the bid !

Japanese real estate investment and speculation just got all that more appealing !

Real estate markets will boom if Tokyo wins bid for 2020 Olympics
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Now is the time ! Invest in Japanese Real Estate !

So, you are thinking of investing in Japanese real estate?  Or, you have already discovered how much money can be made when you invest in real estate in Japan.  Well, you've come to the right place.  At Japanese-Real-Estate.COM we help first time investors and seasoned veterans alike in getting the right property or properties for their portfolio.  We also offer property management services and will help you every step of the way in the hunt, negotiations, closing, rental, and after-care. 

At the moment, the market is poised to boom.  Tokyo is already saturated.  Now is the time to look at the cheaper and higher ROI properties in Fukuoka Prefecture on the island of Kyushu.  This is the next hot spot for real estate investors.  Properties are a fraction of the cost of those in Tokyo or Kansai (Osaka area). 

We have satisfied customers from Canada, USA, Jamaica, UK, France, El Salvador, India, China, Philippines, Guam, Saudi Arabia, to name a few.  Haters, naysayers and ignoramuses who will tell you  "Foreigners can't buy Japanese real estate"  They are 100% wrong and we tell them "Foreigners can buy Japanese real estate.  You are idiots!". 

You can buy Japanese real estate even if you are not Japanese.  You can buy Japanese real estate even if you don't have a visa to live in Japan. 

Stated simply,

The time is now. 

Take a look around our site and our localized sites ( Fukuoka-Real-Estate.COM & KitakyushuRealEstate.COM ), but remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are thousands of properties prime for investing on the market in Fukuoka City, Kitakyushu City, and their surrounding areas.  Too many to list, and constantly evolving. 

No matter what you are looking for, be it a condominium to rent out, and apartment building, a parking lot, commercial land to lease, we can get you the property you want.  Feel free to contact us with your needs and we'll hook you up with the perfect listing(s). Tried, proven and true...We'll be waiting for you.



So you want to invest in Japanese real estate?

So you want to invest in Japanese real estate but, you are concerned you can not buy property in Japan.  
Well, don't worry.  You can purchase real estate in Japan for investment or individual use quite easily.   Even if you do not live in Japan.  Even if you don't have a Japanese visa.

Some wonder what the attraction of real estate in Japan is.  
For one, the ROI is incredible.  The return on investment here is quite high and very enticing.  We offer many properties with 10% or higher ROI.  We will also help you get the elusive 20% ROI investment properties.  The hotspot in Japan at the moment is Fukuoka and Kitakyushu.  We are big in Japan, and giants in Kitakyushu and Fukuoka!  This is where investors are looking now.  This is where you must look now.

What kind of freehold property(ies) should you get?
Good question.  There are many options here.  Entire apartment buildings, baseball stadiums, hotels, land prime for development, commercial property, parking lots, residential property, farmland, resort property, Japanese so called "mansion" / "manshon" condominiums which can be rented out higher than a typical apartment, etc. etc.  The list goes on.

At the moment, Tokyo based and foreign investors are big on Fukuoka area and Kitakyushu area condos.  The condominiums in these areas are cheaper than Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, and Kyoto.  But they get, well, awesome rents.  A goldmine, if you will.  These are more attractive to tenants because, as a rule, they are of a higher quality, larger, and boast better features.

Also, automobile sales are picking up.  Besides being a positive economic indicator, this is a very clear sign parking spaces will be needed.  We have some parking garage / parking lots available currently that fetch 20% or higher return on investment.  Certain European investors in the know are keen on these.

In a nutshell, you have a lot of options.  We are happy to sit down and discuss with you what would be the best way to make your money work for you vis a vis the current properties listed on the market.  It's not so much a question of whether you'll make money, it's more a question of how much do want to make and what high return listing you would like to buy.